SR-1 and SR-16 Grade Separated Intersection

Project History: Corridor Capacity Preservation Program

Program addresses a 31-mile section of this highway between Nassau in Sussex County and the Dover Air Force Base (DAFB) in Kent County, south of Dover. SR 1 serves as the main north-south highway to access the Delaware Beach resort areas. In addition to the resort traffic, eastern Sussex County has been experiencing a high rate of growth in year-round residential traffic and supporting commercial development. This has led to increased congestion and safety issues due to increased travel demand and the mixing of local and through traffic.

The need for corridor capacity preservation on this section of SR 1 is clearly demonstrated in the high volumes of existing and future projected traffic, along with following the guidelines as set forth in the Strategies for State Policies and SpendingThis link opens in a new window The program supports not only the State Investment Strategies, but also Livable Delaware This link opens in a new window , because it encourages and facilitates growth within the designated areas while discouraging growth outside of those non-designated growth areas.