SR1, Thompsonville Grade Separated Intersection

Project Limits:

The project is located along the SR 1 corridor in Kent County, north of the town of Milford. The approximate limits are 1700 feet south to 2400 feet north of the existing Thompsonville intersection. The eastern boundary extends approximately 2000 feet along Thompsonville Road. The western boundary of the study area extends 1600 to 2600 feet west of Cicada Lane from the northern study area boundary to just south of Church Hill Road.

Project Overview:

The intersection of SR 1 and Thompsonville Rd was identified as a potential grade separated intersection location through the Corridor Capacity Preservation Program. The existing traffic signal at Thompsonville Road will be removed and access to SR 1 will be provided via ramps. Thompsonville Road will be extended westward to the intersection of Church Hill Road and Tub Mill Pond Road.

Current Project Schedule:

The project began August 25, 2003. Six alternatives were developed and presented to the public at a workshop on July 19, 2004. Based on input from the public, natural and cultural resources agencies, and emergency response units, a preferred alternative was selected and presented to the public at a workshop on October 21, 2004. The environmental documentation was completed and approved in July 2009. The Right of Way Acquisition phase was completed in July 2013. The final design phase was completed in September 2014.

Current Construction Schedule:

Construction began in February 2015 and is ongoing.

Anticipated Construction Completion Date: November 2016

Construction Activities:

  • Grading Thompsonville Road and ramps in preparation for paving
  • Grading and topsoiling ramp and bridge approach embankments
  • Bridge approach slab and barrier construction