Note: This is the archived information for the SR-141 Project. On this page under "Current Projects", selecting the SR141/I-95 Interchange link will take you to the current website with the most current information.

SR141 and I-95 Ramps


Project Overview:

Proposed alternative improvements have been developed and are located on the project web site.

Project Limits:

Improvements are proposed at the SR141 and I-95 interchange between the Christina River and Commons Boulevard. The improvements are focused along SR141 and the ramps leading to and from the interstate, with minor improvements taking place on northbound I-95.

Project Need:

The interchange area currently experiences congestion during the morning and afternoon peak hours. As a result of the high number of congestion related accidents, the location has been identified for safety improvements in the Department's Hazard Elimination Program (HEP). Proposed improvement will address the safety issues. In addition, the four SR141 bridges over I-95 are approaching an age which will require replacement. Since the proposed improvements cover a large area, we anticipate developing multiple improvement projects. These projects will most likely be independent of one another in design, funding, scheduling and construction.

Current Project Schedule:

  • SR141 and I-95 Ramps G&F Improvements - Design Completed

Anticipated Start Date:

  • SR141 and I-95 Ramps G&F Improvements - Early 2016
  • SR141 and Commons Blvd Intersection Improvements - Early 2018


Welcome to our virtual workshop for the SR141 and I95 Interchange Improvements Project! As a convenience to the public and a more cost-effective way to present information and obtain feedback for future projects, the department plans to offer more online workshops in the coming years. Website visitors can view background information on upcoming projects and provide feedback from the comfort of their own home any time of the day or night.

Please feel free to browse the SR141 and I95 Interchange Improvements project website and view the available video, and display boards. The deadline to provide feedback ended on July 16, 2010.

Workshop Displays

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