Project Limits:

The proposed improvements are located at the intersection of SR273 and Harmony Road in New Castle County.

Project Need:

This site was identified by the Highway Safety Improvement Program. The project will address safety concerns of traffic making left turns from SR273, as well as safety issues from the I-95 off ramp as it approaches the SR273/Harmony Road intersection.

Project Overview:

This project has two phases. The first phase was completed in October 2011. This phase provided a lengthened left turn lane along west-bound SR 273. It also provided for improved pedestrian facilities at the intersection. The second phase will focus on removing the "weave" between Westbound SR273, the Southbound I-95 off ramp and Harmony Road. These changes will address the safety issues due to the proximity of the I-95 off-ramps to the SR 273/Harmony Road intersection.

Project Schedule:

Project Design: 2017-2018
Right-of-Way Acquisitions: 2019
Anticipated Start of Construction: 2020
Anticipated End of Construction: 2021

Public Workshops

There were three public workshops held for the Project. These workshops all occurred at the Gallaher Elementary School and they occurred on May 11, 2015, December 3, 2015 and November 15, 2016.

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/24/2017)