Project Limits:

The proposed safety improvements for this project will take place on Kirkwood Highway (SR2) between Wollaston Road and West Milltown Road.

Project Need:

This project was identified by the 2010 Hazard Elimination Program study (Site O) due to a large number of crashes in the area. The left turn lane from eastbound SR2 is to northbound Milltown Road is short, and left-turning traffic backs up into the thru lanes. Recommendations were made to lengthen this turn lane and allow protected left turn phasing.

Project Description:

The project is currently proposed to lengthen the left turn lane from eastbound SR2 to Milltown Road. A 1700' section of the eastbound lanes of SR2 will be realigned to accommodate the lengthened left turn lane without shortening the left turn lane from westbound SR2 to Delaware Park Road. Some widening, curb and drainage work, and minor reconfiguration of the intersection of SR 2 and Delaware Park Road will also be needed. The road will be milled and overlaid within the project limits. Additionally, pedestrian improvements will be made along the section of roadway.

Project Timeline:

The project has been awarded to Grassbusters Landscaping Company, Inc. Construction started in September 2016 after advanced utility relocations. Project completion date TBD

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/23/2017)