Project Limits:

Along SR 41, Newport gap pike, from the Hyde Run crossing to the intersection. Along SR 34, Faulkland road, from the entrance to Brandywine Springs Park to the intersection.

Project Need:

This project was identified by the 2011 Hazard Elimination Program study (Site S) due to a large number of crashes. The left turn lane from southbound SR41 onto eastbound Faulkland is short and left turning traffic backs up into the thru lanes. Recommendations were made to lengthen this turn lane and allow protected left turn phasing.

Project Overview:

The project is proposed to lengthen the left turn lane from Newport Gap Pike onto Eastbound Faulkland Road by approximately 400 feet. The concrete medians will be removed from all four legs and a new traffic signal will be installed. This project will also extend and improve the sidewalk along Faulkland road from Oakland drive to the intersection.

Project Timeline:

Construction of the project will begin in spring of 2019. The project duration is approximately 6 months.