Project Limits:

The project limits will extend from SR1 to the Willamette Drive and will include work on McCoy Road, SR71 and several other intersecting roadways.

Project Need:

The project is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Reduce delays along SR72
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities
  • Improve corridor safety and intersection operations

Project Overview:

The project is currently proposed to add an additional travel lane in each direction of SR72 Wrangle Hill Road along with an additional two way left turn lane. This project includes the rehabilitation and reconfiguring of the intersection of SR71 and SR72, SR72 and McCoy Road, and SR72 and Wilson Boulevard. These modifications are proposed to address capacity issues of SR72 as well as to address safety concerns. New pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be added the length of the project. The Department announced the selected alternative based off community comments on April 20, 2012.

Project Schedule:

Due to inconsistencies discovered with the existing field survey, DelDOT decided to re-survey the corridor to ensure accuracy in design. The new survey was completed in February 2017 and re-design of the corridor has begun. The current project schedule is as follows:

Anticipated Start of Construction (Utility Relocations and Drainage Construction) – Fall 2018
Anticipated Start of Construction (Road Widening) – Fall 2019
Anticipated End of Construction – TBD

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/24/2017)