Project Limits:

A broad area of Northern New Castle County between the City of Newark and the City of Wilmington, as well as a swath paralleling SR 896 south from the City of Newark to the Mike N. Castle Trail at the C & D Canal.

Project Overview:

The purpose of the Newark-to-Wilmington Pathway Study was twofold:

  1. To evaluate potential routes between the two cities that could provide bicycle and pedestrian connections not only end-to-end, but to destinations in between.
  2. To identify sections of those routes that could be built in the short-term, reflecting both public input and technical feasibility. Potential routes shown on the maps were suggested based on GIS analysis, extensive field review, and consultation with a number of public agencies. Considerations included:
    • Public land ownership
    • Utility easements
    • Wetlands and other natural resources
    • Connections to intermediate destinations
    • Directness between Newark and Wilmington

This study did not recommend one single continuous route between Newark and Wilmington. Rather, it is DelDOT's goal to move forward with individual segments that have local community benefits, eventually weaving a fabric of active transportation choices in northern New Castle County.

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date


Reviewed and Updated 01/19/2016