Project Limits:

This project encompasses an area from the intersection of West 8th Street and Young Street in the City of New Castle, south across 7th Street, past the New Castle Presbyterian Cemetery, through the former Brosius-Eliason lumberyard, across West 3rd Street and into Battery Park. Alternative areas of study include the South Street corridor between the intersection of West 8th Street and Young Street to Battery Park, as well as an on-road area roughly to the south and west of West 7th Street and Delaware Street respectively.

Project Need:

When complete, the New Castle Industrial Track Trail will provide a continuous, off-road, active transportation connection from the City of Wilmington's Riverfront riverwalk and the City of New Castle's Battery Park trail system, which is a distance of about seven miles. Portions of the Trail are open; others are in various stages of construction, design, and planning. The only remaining element to begin project development is Phase IV, which is located between the south end of the New Castle Heritage Trail at the intersection of 8th Street and South Street/ Young Street and Battery Park in New Castle, a distance of about one-third of a mile. The section of the existing New Castle Industrial Track Trail located south of Delaware Street (SR 9) is also known as the New Castle Heritage Trail and may be further improved as part of any future Phase IV implementation. This project was initially presented as part of the 1st State Trails and Pathways public meetings in May 2012.

Project Overview:

The likely design will be that of an eight to ten-foot wide, asphalt and/or concrete pathway suitable for bicycles and pedestrians separated from the roadway, where possible, by a grassed or landscaped buffer. Additionally, both sidewalk and on-road alternatives through the project limits were studied as well.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date


Anticipated/Actual Completion Date


List of scheduled meetings.

On May 23, 2013, a public workshop was held at the New Castle Public Library