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New US 301 will improve safety, manage truck traffic, and reduce congestion; support approved and proposed economic development in southern New Castle County (a key Delaware growth area); enhance the region’s ability to compete for economic development; create needed jobs; improve local access to the Northeast Corridor Rail (Amtrak), commuter rail (SEPTA) and bus (DART) services; improve livability in the region and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

New US 301 will remove the “neck in the bottle” of the regional highway network, i.e. existing US 301 from the Maryland/Delaware state line to I-95 and its 2-lane sections (1 lane in each direction), 29 at-grade intersections (18 signalized) and numerous driveways with direct access to existing US 301. New US 301 will convert existing US 301 to a local roadway that is key to the local roadway network and approved and proposed development in this designated Delaware growth area.

The project is divided into seven (7) contracts that will be built concurrently. It is anticipated to take three years to complete all the contracts and open the road to traffic.

The limits of each contract, the contractor, and the total cost of each contract, can be found on the Contract Limits Map. A display of each of the seven contracts is listed below.



While most of the U.S. 301 project will be constructed on new alignment, some short-term and long-term land and roadway closures on existing roadways will be needed. Roadway closures are needed for bridge construction, hauling operations and other construction activities. Signed detour routes will be provided for all roadway closures, guiding motorists onto alternative routes to reach their destinations.

Short-term roadway closures are expected along the following roadways:

  • S.R. 1 at the US 301 flyover
  • US 13 between Port Pen Road and Hyetts Corner Road
  • Summit Bridge Road at the new U.S. 301 overpass
  • Boyds Corner Road at the new U.S. 301 overpass
  • Port Penn Road left turn lane onto southbound U.S. 13
  • Warwick Road at the intersection with existing U.S. 301
  • Armstrong Corner Road at the new U.S. 301 overpass
  • Marl Pit Road between existing U.S. 301 and the Railroad crossing

Long-term roadway closures are expected along the following roadways, with target durations:

  • Hyetts Corner Road at the new U.S. 301 underpass (36 months)
  • Airmont Drive just north of Hyetts Corner Road, south of Oak Drive (36 months)
  • Strawberry Lane at the new U.S. 301 underpass (12 months)
  • Middleneck Road at the intersection with existing U.S. 301 (11 months)

To view the detours:

Public Involvement

Construction Information Meetings will be held to inform the public about the US 301 construction. These Construction Information Meetings will be held bi-monthly and are intended to provide regular updates to residents and interested stakeholder in the Middletown area related to the construction of the new US 301 mainline. Construction Information Meetings will cover three broad areas:

  • Work that has been accomplished since the previous meeting
  • Work that will be accomplished prior to the next meeting, including any road closures and detours that can be expected to impact the community
  • Questions and comments from the public
  • The public can expect that representatives from DelDOT, the U.S. Route 301 Project Team, and the construction contractors will be in attendance to both update the public and respond to questions.

The public can sign up for email alerts to be notified of these meetings and other project updates by using the sign-up (Subscribe - US301 Updates button) link on the U.S. 301 website.

Contact Information

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