DelDOT's Preferred Alternative (Green North + Spur Road) and Middletown Corridor Coalition's Proposed Option

Beginning during the summer of 2005, members of DelDOT's Project Team have been meeting and communicating with representatives of the Chesapeake Meadow community, as part of the public involvement activities for the US 301 Project Development. The Middletown Corridor Coalition (MCC), consisting of residents along or near the proposed US 301 Spur Road was formed in late 2006/early 2007, and Andye Daley, from Chesapeake Meadows and President of the MCC, offered an alternative for DelDOT's consideration, at the January 2007 US 301 Joint Design/Location Public Hearing. Since the January 2007 public hearing the exchange of information and questions and answers has continued both at meetings and through e-mail communications.

The information generated through these communications regarding DelDOT's preferred alternative (Green North + Spur Road) and the views put forth by the Middletown Corridor Coalition may be of interest to the public. For this reason the following items are being made available on the project Web site:

  1. MCC PowerPoint Presentation provided during the February 9, 2007 meeting with the DelDOT US 301 Project Team.
  2. Scope of Work prepared by MCC for more information on the US 301 Spur after the February 9, 2007 meeting.
  3. DelDOT's PowerPoint presentation provided during the May 16, 2007 meeting with representatives of the Middletown Corridor Coalition.
  4. Response from Mark Tudor, DelDOT, US 301 Project Director to MCC questions raised during the above mentioned May 16 meeting.
  5. Response from Darrel Cole, DelDOT, Director, Office of Public Relations to questions raised by Mrs. Daley (MCC) in a May 19, 2007 e-mail message.
  6. Response from DelDOT to concerns expressed by Mrs. Daley (MCC) in an e-mail to area state legislators.