Project Limits:

The project is located in New Castle County on SR 72 in Bear. The project limits run along SR 72, approximately 600 feet south of Del Laws Road to the Belltown Run crossing of SR 72.

Project Need:

This project will address congestion issues through the intersection. Without improvements, delay times at the intersection will be three to four times greater in 2020 than in 2000. While a grade separation is not feasible due to property and visual impacts, additional lanes are needed to improve congestion during the peak hours.

Project Overview

Additional lanes along northbound and southbound SR 72 will extend several hundred feet beyond the intersection to provide adequate storage and taper lengths. Additional left-turn lanes will be constructed along both eastbound and westbound US 40. Del Laws Road will be realigned to reduce the existing skew and align it with the proposed access to the Fox Run Business Center and a traffic signal will be installed at SR 72 and Del Laws Road. Pedestrian and bicycle facilities will also be constructed.

Project Schedule

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2018
Anticipated End of Construction: Fall 2020

(Reviewed and Updated on 08/22/2017)