Public Workshops

September 10, 2013

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, sixty-three people attended a workshop held at Keene Elementary School. Attendees had the opportunity to view and comment on the preferred design alternative that was chosen based on comments received from the previous workshop in July 2005. The preferred design alternative will widen SR 72 to the east north and south of US 40 and prohibit left turns from northbound SR 72 to Broadleaf Drive. In addition to presenting the proposed improvements, the public also had the opportunity to view and comment on the conceptual construction phasing.
The comment period remained open until October 10, 2013. The project team compiled a workshop summary that were mailed to attendees and posted below provide responses to questions and comments that were received. Those who could not attend the workshop can download the workshop materials.

September 2012

After being on hold, the design process has recommenced. As part of the design process, the design team will be conducting field investigations, engineering survey and traffic data collection within the project limits. Based on public feedback through the public involvement process, Alternative 2B was selected as the preferred alternative.

October 2011

The project involves widening and reconstructing SR 72 from Belltown Run to south of Del Laws Road to provide an additional through lane on each approach to US 40. In addition to improving pedestrian and bicycle access, the project also includes widening to provide double left-turn lanes along US 40 at the SR 72 intersection, realigning Del Laws Road, and installing a new traffic signal at the intersection of Del Laws Road and SR 72. This work is being undertaken to improve safety for all travelers, to provide better mobility options for bicyclists, and to meet increased demand from the traveling public. Concept design was completed in 2007 and final design began in 2008. Because of funding issues, final design has been on hold for the past few years, but is expected to restart later this year. Construction funding is currently proposed to be available starting in FY15.

July 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - Forty residents of the communities along US 40 and SR 72 attended a workshop held at Glasgow High School. Attendees had the opportunity to view existing conditions within the project area, including data on traffic volumes and safety. They were also presented with four concept design alternatives that varied based on widening to the east or west of SR 72, north of US 40 and access modifications at Broadleaf Drive. Upon reviewing the materials presented, the public had an opportunity to discuss any additional concerns and review the types of improvements that may be considered. Based on responses from the workshop, Alternative 2B was selected. Alternative 2B includes widening to the east north and south of US 40 and prohibiting left turns from northbound SR 72 to Broadleaf Drive.

In addition to the public's consensus vote for alternative 2B, this alternative appears to be the most desirable from an engineering, safety, environmental and cost perspective. Widening to the east, north of US 40 has significantly less right of way impacts than widening to west. Allowing left turns out of Broadleaf Drive appears to be more important to the residents of Belltown Woods than allowing left turns into Broadleaf Drive. Both movements can not be permitted due to safety considerations and a signal at Broadleaf Drive is not recommended because it does not meet warrants and is too close to the US 40 intersection.

In response to comments received at the workshop, DelDOT reviewed the feasibility of relocating the Broadleaf Drive entrance further north on SR 72 in order to permit the installation of a traffic signal. After reviewing several alternatives, it was determined that this is not feasible because of additional impacts to residential properties, the need to relocate electric transmission lines and the excessive cost to the project.


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