Project Limits:

200 feet north and south of the bridge

Project Need

The superstructure consists of concrete deck on severely deteriorated steel beams with some loss of steel area. Presently, pedestrian traffic only is allowed on the first two beams on the west side of the bridge. The deterioration of the steel beam put the bridge in the structurally deficient category and as such is in need of rehabilitation.

Project Overview:

Replacement of the existing superstructure in its entirety, including the concrete parapet, concrete deck and steel beams, with new concrete deck and steel beams. Construction will be completed in one stage under traffic detour. The structure is considered to be scour critical; therefore, scour countermeasure will be placed in the stream to protect the structure.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work completed in February 2012.  Bids received and contract awarded in May 2012.

Construction Phase:

Construction work to begin in July 2012 and completed in September 2012.