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Delaware Department of Transportation

Oversize / Overweight Permit System

Permanent Restricted Routes

OSOW Permanent Restrictions

The following routes are limited to vehicles with destinations inside the prescribed areas.

This applies to all oversize and/or overweight loads up to 120,000 GVW.

Requests for through movements will require individual analysis.

Delays of 2-5 working days will be typical. Request to use Restricted Route(s) must be forwarded to the Hauling Permit Section using email

Restricted Route Name Restricted Route Description
Abbreviations Commonly used abbreviations DE or DEL = Delaware, MD = Maryland, NJ = New Jersey, PA = Pennsylvania, I = Interstate, US = United States, SR = State Route, CR = County Route, TR = Truck Route
FEDERAL SCHOOL LANE (CR380) No trucks except local service/deliveries.
Interstate 295-95 Maximum Height for NJ/DE Line - 295 - 95 - DE/MD Line is 14 feet 9 inches (allowing 3 inches for bounce). Use detour route NJ/DE Line - 295 - 495 - TERMINAL AVE - 495 - 95 - DE/MD Line which has Maximum HEIGHT of 15 feet 8 inches.
Interstate 95 Between PA/DE Line and Interstate 495 south of Wilmington, except for delivery within the restricted zone. Use Interstate 495 as a connector, i.e. southbound PA/DE LINE - 495 - 95 - DE/MD LINE or northbound MD/DE LINE - 95 - 495 - 95 - DE/PA LINE.
Interstate 95-295 Maximum HEIGHT for MD/DE Line - 95 - 295 - DE/NJ Line is 15 feet 1 inches (allowing 3 inches for bounce).
LAMBSONS LN (CR370 Portion of LAMBSONS LN connecting to DE Route 9 is restricted to truck traffic. Destination on LAMBSONS LN must use TERMINAL AVE - PIGEON PT RD - LAMBSONS LN
LLANGOLLEN BLVD (CR34G) LLANGOLLEN BLVD is restricted to thru travel for OSOW loads between US13 and SR9, local delivery only.
LOREWOOD GROVE RD (CR412) Permit loads must have local delivery on Lorewood Grove Rd, Port Penn Rd or US13 between CR412 and SR896. Permit loads are restricted from thru movement on US13 between CR412 and SR896.
OLD BALTIMORE PIKE (CR26) Old Baltimore Pike is restricted to trucks over two axles.
OTTS CHAPELRD (CR397) Otts Chapel Rd is restricted to trucks over two axles.
POLE BRIDGE ROAD (CR420) Portion of POLE BRIDGE ROAD connecting Port Penn Road to SR1 is restricted to truck traffic. Loads proceeding to SR1 or US13 use 9 - PORT PENN RD to connect directly to SR1 and/or US13.
SR 1 and SR 7
Moving under Interstate-95
Vicinity Christiana
Maximum vertical clearance for SR 1 and SR 7 under Interstate-95 is 14' 0".
For vehicle or combination vehicle and load over 14 feet in overall height wanting to access SR 7 northbound from I-95 northbound or SR 1 northbound use alternate route I-95 NB to Exit 5A (DE 141 NB) to I-95 SB to DE 58/Churchmans Rd (Exit 4B) to SR 7.
For vehicle or combination vehicle and load greater than 15'6" and utilizing Exit 5A or Exit 4B shall submit a route survey form.
SR14 Can not go thru downtown HARRINGTON on DE Route 14. Must use DE Truck Route 14 detour. From the east: 14 - 13 - 14TR - 14 or From the west: 14 - 14TR - 13
SR273 Crossing the MD/DE Line in either direction must have local delivery on SR273 before SR896 or DE origin on SR273 between SR896 and DE/MD LINE.
SR279 (ELKTON RD) Crossing the MD/DE Line in either direction must have local delivery on SR279 or SR2 before SR4/Christina Parkway or DE origin on SR279 between SR4/Christina Parkway and DE/MD LINE.
SR299 Between US 301 (west of Middletown) to DE Route 1 (west of Odessa).
SR4 Thru movement between SR48 (Martin Luther King Jt Boulevard) and SR7 (Limestone Rd).
Between Business US13 and Business SR404/Seashore Highway.
SR41 (NEWPORT GAP PIKE) No thru movement on DE Route 41 (NEWPORT GAP PIKE) between DE Route 48 (LANCASTER PIKE) and DE Route 2 (KIRKWOOD HYW).
(Delmar area)
SR54 east of US13 crosses the DE/MD LINE just south of WHITESVILLE, DE. Permitted loads can not use SR54 for continuous movement between US13 and SR26.
SR7 Between Road A, Christiana and US13, Wrangle Hill.
SR71 Between US 13 (H and H Corner) and US 301. Cannot go thru downtown Middletown on DE Route 71.
Between MD/DE Line and Interstate 95 - No loads over 10ft wide.
(New Castle)
No movement on SR9 between the southern and northern limits of the City of New Castle except local deliveries. No trucks over 2 axles except local deliveries between the southern limits of the City of New Castle and Hamburg Rd.
US 13 Vicinity Claymont: Crossing DE/PA Line must have Point of Origin and/or Destination within 5 miles of either side of the state line. Maximum Height is 13ft 6in (allowing 3 inches for bounce). Use Interstate 495 to access US 13 or DE/PA line.

Vicinity New Castle area: Between Interstate I295 and SR1; No Vehicle or Load exceeding 14 feet in Height. Use Alternate Route 295 - 95 - 1

Vicinity St. Georges: Permit loads not authorized to cross St. Georges bridge on US13. Loads are to cross C&D canal using DE Route 1.

Vicinity Dover area: Between DE Route 1, north of Smyrna and Puncheon Run Connector, Dover
US 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) between DE Route 3 and US 13 (Governor Printz Blvd)
US 40 Crossing the Maryland / Delaware Line on US40 must be either proceeding to or from Del Route 896 SOUTH of US40.

Permit loads are restricted from thru movement on US40 (301) between SR1 and SR896.

Permitted loads can enter and exit Delaware using US40 IF Point Of Origin or Destination is on US40 in the State of Delaware within 5 miles of the DE/MD State Line.
US 9
Can not go thru downtown (around circle) GEORGETOWN on US9. Must use 9TR detour.

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