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Delaware Department of Transportation

BR 1-424A on N424 Old Corbit Road, East of Odessa

Public Workshop

March 27, 2017 Public Workshop

A public workshop was held on March 27, 2017, to discuss the flooding on Old Corbit Road. Thirty-three (33) people were in attendance. The Department presented information explaining that the most financially responsible solution is to close the road permanently at the creek, providing turn-around areas on each side.

The roadway has settled over 6 feet since the pipes were installed in the early 1970s, and the continued settlement and increasing water levels due to sea level rise are making the condition worse. Flooding has been a contributing factor to accidents and emergency responses, even playing a role in a fatality. The existing pipes have separated at the joints, causing the fill to seep out and resulting in constant maintenance to keep the road drivable.

Due to the poor soils under the road, a multi-span bridge of over 260 feet in length, which comes at a cost of approximately $3 million. The presence of a New Castle County sewer force main under the center of the road, which must be relocated at DelDOT's expense, adds another $500,000 to the project. The project is ineligible for federal funds, so the cost would be borne 100% by Delaware taxpayers.

The display boards presented can be found below.

Old Corbit Road Workshop Display

June 27, 2011 Public Workshop

Workshop Summary

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