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Delaware Department of Transportation

Faulkland Road Declassification of Delaware Route 34

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Community Relations 

Kerry Yost 
Project Manager

Project Limits:

The proposed declassification will eliminate Delaware Route 34 along the entire length of Faulkland Road, from Duncan Road to North Dupont Highway

Project Need:

Local legislators and residents are requesting that Faulkland Road be declassified as Delaware Route 34, with the goal of reducing cut-through and heavy truck traffic on this primarily residential roadway.

Project Overview:

A 1974 traffic study proposed that the establishment of Delaware Route 34 would give “proper recognition” to this important connector. The corridor intersects with DE Routes 41, 141, and 100, all important north-south arterials. Residents and legislators now believe that the designation as Delaware Route 34 may be increasing traffic volumes and heavy truck usage. Declassification of SR 34 may indirectly encourage drivers to use alternate routes such as SR 48 to the north, or SR 2 to the south.

Project Timeline:

Study Phase: Winter 2018 to Spring 2019

Virtual Workshop - March 2019

Implementation Phase:

Summer 2019, removal of all existing Delaware Route 34 signage on Faulkland Road and surrounding roadways

Project Media:

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