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Delaware Department of Transportation

Little Heaven and South Frederica Area Studies

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Nathan Attard 
Project Manager

Project Limits:

Master Plan Areas as designated by the Kent County Master Plans Working Group.

Project Need:

This planning process is supporting the recent land use strategies map changes proposed by the Kent County Master Plans Working Group to the 2018 Kent County Comprehensive Plan.


This study will examine existing conditions in the vicinity of Little Heaven and South Frederica as it seeks support the Kent County Master Plans Working Group in utilizing existing roadway capacity to support economic development in these areas. This project will forecast future conditions based on build out of the areas designated by the County and present transportation facility alternatives to the public in order to accommodate the envisioned development.

Project Timeline

Study Phase: August 2019 – July 2020


  1. Kent County Comprehensive Plan
  2. DelDOT Corridor Capacity Program Manual
  3. October 2018 Displays at County Workshops
  4. September 2019 Displays at County Workshops
  5. November 20, 2019 Workshop Presentation

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