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Delaware Department of Transportation

Marsh Road & Harvey Road/Grubb Road Intersection Improvements

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Community Relations 

Peter Haag 
Project Manager

Project Limits:

The intersection of SR 3 - Marsh Road (N023) and Harvey Road/Grubb Road (N209) in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware.

Project Need:

A traffic study has been requested to analyze safety and operational improvements at the intersection. Currently, through vehicles are illegally using the right turn lanes to bypass left turning vehicles. These illegal movements are creating safety and operational issues.

Project Overview:

The scope of the study was to evaluate the lane configuration of the intersection from shared through/left turn lanes and separate right turn lanes along northbound and southbound Marsh Road as well Grubb Road to shared through/right turn lanes and a separate left turn lanes along these approaches. The improvements will also require improvements to the signal infrastructure at the intersection. .

Workshop Boards

Virtual Workshop Presentation - March 2020

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:


Construction Phase:


(Reviewed and updated on 02/18/2020)

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