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SR15 / Canterbury Road (K388) at Church Hill Road (K404) – All-Way Stop Control (AWSC) Intersection Improvements

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Peter Haag 
Project Manager

Project Limits:

The intersection of SR15 / Canterbury Rd (K388) at Church Hill Road (K404) northwest of the City of Milford, Kent County, Delaware.

Project Need:

DelDOT Traffic Studies Group has received public concern regarding the safety and operations at the intersection of SR15 / Canterbury Road (K388) and Church Hill Road (K404). A traffic study revealed that the existing two-way stop control intersection, with the Church Hill Road approaches stop-controlled, has experienced an increase in crash patterns over the last three-years. In addition, sight distance restrictions were observed on westbound Church Hill Road when looking to the left along northbound Canterbury Road. To improve safety at that the intersection an all-way stop control is being implemented along with other warning signs and pavement marking improvements. Converting the two-way stop control to an all-way stop control will also eliminate the sight distance restriction concern as all approaches will be required to stop prior to proceeding through the intersection.

Project Overview:

The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of life for the traveling public by providing safety improvements at the intersection of at the intersection of SR15 / Canterbury Road (K388) and Church Hill Road (K404) through converting the existing two-way stop control condition, with Church Hill Road stop-controlled at Canterbury Road, to an all-way stop control condition. The project consists of installing STOP signs on the Canterbury Road approaches as well as additional warning signs and supplemental pavement markings. Once the all-way stop control condition is implemented, follow-up monitoring efforts will be completed 6 months and 1 year after implementation to determine if additional improvements are needed to continue to improve safety and/or operations at the intersection. DelDOT is in favor of the All-Way Stop Control intersection improvement to mitigate existing crash patterns and address the sight distance restriction.

Thank you for your participation in this Virtual Workshop. The Virtual Workshop has concluded and indicated that 81% supported the lane configuration changes at the intersection. Considering the results and information provided in the traffic study, we are recommending the new lane configuration be pursued. The supporting documentation and recommendation will be submitted to our Traffic Design Section to start programming the design work. This type of effort will require a detailed design to understand right of way, drainage, utilities, soil conditions, etc.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Currently in design.

Construction Phase:

Implementation to begin Fall 2021 or Spring 2022

Updated on 08/12/2021

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