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Delaware Department of Transportation

US9-Kings Highway and Clay Rd Traffic Signal Study

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Community Relations 

Heather Mantz 
Project Manager
(302) 659-4066

Project Limits:

The intersection of US9 - Kings Highway & Clay Road in Lewes, Sussex County, Delaware.

Project Need:

A traffic signal study was completed to analyze possible safety and operational improvements at the intersection.

Project Overview:

DelDOT is recommending the implementation of a traffic signal based on the results of the traffic signal study which included crash analysis, observations of driver behavior, and examination of intersection operations. The design work is currently underway by our Traffic Design Section. This type of effort will require a detailed design to understand right of way, drainage, utilities, soil conditions, etc. before construction of the signal can occur.

Project Boards

Presentation - May 2020

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:


Construction Phase:

Signal construction is underway.

(Reviewed and updated on 08/10/2020)

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