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Delaware Department of Transportation

Design-Build Statewide Pipe Replacement for BR 3-627 on Sammons Road

Project Limits:

Bridge 3-627 is located approximately 3 miles southwest of the town of Ellendale in Sussex County, Delaware.

Project Need:

Corrugated metal pipe culverts are corroding throughout the state. The Department has over 200 bridge-length corrugated metal pipe culvert locations, most of which are at or beyond their expected 30-year service life. This project is one location of the 20 locations included in the current Design-Build contract and it will help the Department meet its performance measures related to number of bridges in fair or poor condition.

Project Overview:

The scope of the proposed project is to replace the existing pipes with two 90-inch circular reinforced concrete pipes that are 72 feet in length with sacked riprap headwalls installed at the culvert inlet and outlet openings.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed September 2018

Construction Phase:

Construction to begin the middle of fall 2018 and will be completed in approximately 28 days.

Project Timeline:

This pipe replacement is part of a larger Design-Build project consisting of multiple locations.

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