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Delaware Department of Transportation

Design-Build Statewide Pipe Replacement for BR3-914A on Beach Highway / SR 16

Project Limits:

Bridge 3-914A is located east of the town of Greenwood in Sussex County, Delaware. The project limits are approximately 200 feet east and 200 feet west from the center of the bridge.

Project Need:

Corrugated metal pipe culverts are corroding throughout the state. The Department has over 200 bridge-length corrugated metal pipe culvert locations, most of which are at or beyond their expected 30-year service life. This project is one location of the 28 locations included in the current Design-Build contract and it will help the Department meet its performance measures related to number of bridges in fair or poor condition.

Project Overview:

The scope of the proposed project is to replace the existing corrugated metal pipes with reinforced concrete pipes. Theproposed pipes will include riprap protection installed upstream and downstream of the culvert openings to protect the pipesfrom potential stream bed scour during large storm events. Pipe replacement will be performed under a full road closure with a posted detour.

Design Phase:

Design work anticipated to be completed by Fall 2019.

Construction Phase:

Construction work anticipated to be completed by Fall 2020.

Additional Comments:

This pipe replacement is part of a larger Design-Build project consisting of multiple locations.

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