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Project Overview

The overall purpose of the US 113 North/South Study is to identify an alignment for a continuous limited access roadway from the Maryland/Delaware state line north to SR 1 north of the City of Milford, a total distance of approximately 40 miles. When completed, there will be a north-south limited access highway throughout the state of Delaware. The study also identifies improvements to major east/west routes.

The short-term purpose of this project is to identify, select, and protect an alignment for a limited access US 113 highway through Sussex County. While the road will not be built at this time, choosing the alignment will enable DelDOT to protect the alignment until both need and available funds dictate the timing of construction. This project will provide a road that serves regional and seasonal traffic to points north and south while addressing future local traffic needs. Separating local from through traffic will help to facilitate the current, planned and projected development in Sussex County and its municipalities.

Project Need

New residential, commercial, and other development projects are replacing farm fields and are expected to increase Sussex County's population by approximately 95% over the next 40 years (2000-2040). As a result, US 113 and nearby local roads will experience more congestion, reduced safety, and increased traveler delay. By identifying, selecting, and protecting an alignment; existing and future transportation demand along US 113 will be accommodated, environmental and historic resources will be protected, and the needs of planned economic growth will be met.

Project Approach

DelDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have adopted a process whereby four independent yet inter-related studies are being undertaken within the US 113 North/South Study Area. The four study areas are the Milford Area, the Ellendale Area, the Georgetown Area, and the Millsboro-South Area.