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Electronic Red Light Safety Program

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The Electronic Red Light Safety Program (ERLSP) began operations on February 1, 2004 with the activation of a camera located at the intersection of Route 13 and Webbs Lane in Dover.

In 2001, Senate Bill 262 legislated that 20 individual locations across the state could be equipped with cameras for the video enforcement of red light running violations. The specific locations included six cameras in Dover, two in Newark, one each in Seaford and Elsmere, and 10 others in unincorporated areas of the state.

Section 98 of the Fiscal Year 2010 Bond Bill (Senate Bill 155) of the 145th General Assembly contains the authorizing language to continue DelDOT's Electronic Red Light Safety Program on an open-ended basis. Since summer 2010, 26 additional intersections received red light monitoring cameras.

Under the program, fines are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. The fine for a violation is $137.50. This amount is calculated using three components: a base fine of $75.00, a surcharge of $37.50, a $10.00 assessment for the Volunteer Ambulance Company Fund, and a $15.00 assessment for the Fund to Combat Violent Crimes. Late charges can apply.

Unlike traditional violations cited by a police officer, the camera violations are considered a civil offense and not a criminal one. Because of this, the violation and fine will not impact a motorist's insurance rate or accumulate points on their driving record.

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