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Delaware Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Q: Who can I contact for general information regarding the Department of Transportation?
A: For all General Information inquiries please contact the Office of Community Relations at 302.760.2080, or 800.652.5600 (toll-free in state only) during the business hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday. You may also send an email to 
Q. What is the mailing address, phone number and fax number for each District?
A: For this information use this link:
Q. Who do I contact regarding the Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) Program?
A: Any local community organization such as civic associations, and social or school groups are allowed to adopt a minimum two-mile section of highway. To apply for the program contact the Office of Community Relations at 302.760.2080, or 800.652.5600 (toll-free in state only) during business hours. You may also send an email to:   or visit this link to learn more:
Q. Where can I find all of DelDOT's snow-related information?
A: There is a snow-related page of FAQs located here.
Q. How can I find out whether my mailbox meets state regulations?
A: Mailbox regulations, can be obtained from the Standards and Regulations for Access to State Highways manual, from our Web site under Publications and Forms, under Manuals.
Q. Where can I learn more about The Clear Zone law, and illegal signs?
A: More information about The Clear Zone law, Title 17, Chapter 11, Sections 524, 525, 526, 527, and 1111(c) of Del Code can be obtained here.
Q. Who do I contact regarding malfunctioning traffic lights or missing/damaged signs?
A: Residents should contact the Office of Community Relations at 302.760.2080 or 800.652.5600 (toll-free in state only) during business hours, or by email   to report any traffic signal malfunctions or missing/damaged traffic signs. The problem will immediately relayed to the Traffic Management Center staff for review and replacement or repairs. During non-business hours traffic signal malfunctions may be reported directly to the Traffic Management Center at 302.659.4600. They can also be reported from the DelDOT website or DelDOT app on a smart phone. Just click on “Report an Issue” and complete the form to report any issues.
Q. Who do I contact regarding trees/shrubbery obstructing sight visibility?
A: Occasionally, tree branches or protruding shrubbery will obstruct a motorists view. To report problems you may contact the Maintenance Hotline for the appropriate District. Each number is operated from 8am to 5pm weekdays. The New Castle County (North District) is 323.1111, New Castle County (Canal District) hotline is 323.1111, Kent County (Central District) hotline is 739.1111, and the Sussex County (South District) hotline is 855.1111.
Q. Who do I contact regarding questions with my E-ZPass account or toll violation issues?
A: Delaware has established its own E-ZPass Customer Service Center (CSC) where you can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website. Office is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Visit, phone 888-EZPassDE (888.397.2773), or come to the CSC in person at 22-24 West Loockerman Street in Dover if you have questions and want to know how to do any of the these things: Apply for an E-ZPass prepaid account; Make changes to your account (e.g., new vehicle purchase); Change your E-ZPass payment option; Request additional E-ZPass transponders; Report lost or stolen E-ZPass transponders; Replenish your prepaid account balance; Receive assistance with E-ZPass transponder installation; or Request an up-to-date statement of your account.
Q. What are the toll rates for Interstate-95 and State Route 1?
A: The toll rate information is available on this website.
Q. What are the phone numbers to the Toll Plaza locations?
A: There are three main Toll Plaza locations in Delaware. Two are for State Route 1 and the other is for Interstate 95. The I-95 Toll Plaza is located in Newark. The telephone number there is 302.366.7272. The telephone number for the Route 1 Dover Toll Plaza is 302.857.5700. The second Route 1 Toll Plaza at Biddle's Corner, is located in Odessa. Their telephone number is 302.838.4900.
Q. How do I find out more about DART First State bus schedules?
A: DART First State recognizes that accessibility, freedom of choice, mobility options, and convenience are key to offering smart choices to the commuting public. For more information regarding DART bus and train schedules, fares and all other information please visit You can also call 652-DART (New Castle County); 800.652.DART (Kent County); 800.553.DART (Sussex County); or 800.652.DART (From area codes 215,267,410,443,484,609,610,856).
Q. I have an oversized vehicle and need the proper permit. Who do I contact?
A: Trucks carrying an oversized load should contact Hauling Permits at 302.744.2700 or email at For more detailed information see: and click on Policy Manual/User Guide button. If the loaded vehicle exceeds any of these legal limits a hauling permit is required.
Q. What is the phone number for the Division of Motor Vehicles?
A: In Delaware the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. For all licensing issues citizens should contact the appropriate DMV location: Dover - 302.744.2500; Georgetown - 302.853.1000; Wilmington - 302.434.3200; Delaware City - 302.326.5000. For more on-line information, visit their website (
Q. Who regulates school buses in the State of Delaware?
A: School buses are regulated by the Delaware Department of Education and individual school Districts. If customers have a concern about bus drivers, bus regulations, or bus shelters, please contact the Department of Education at 302.857.3390.
Q. I received a Red Light Camera Enforcement light violation. How do I pay my ticket?
A: You can find out more here including paying your bill over the phone or online.
Q. Where can I find all of DelDOT's pothole information?
A: There is a pothole-related page of FAQs located here.

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