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What is RSS?
RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary, or Real Simple Syndication. It is a file format that is gaining popularity for distributing basic information about recent news items. RSS files are written in a language called XML.

What is in an RSS News Feed?
Usually, a RSS News Feed contains news headlines, a summary of a news item, and a link to more information.

When I click on an RSS News Feed link I see a bunch of code, not the news.
RSS News Feeds are not "human readable"   they are designed to be processed and displayed to you by a news aggregator program.

Tell me more about news aggregators?
Using a news aggregator program, you subscribe to news feeds. Like with an E-mail program, the aggregator automatically and regularly checks feeds to which you've subscribed. When the news changes, and when the aggregator checks to see if new news is posted, the aggregator retrieves the new news and alerts you that new news is available. For example, if you subscribe to the DelDOT News Feed with your aggregator, your aggregator will check our news feed regularly and pull down new news if we've posted news since the aggregator last visited our site.

How do I subscribe an RSS News Feed?
To subscribe to an RSS News Feed you must: (1) download and install an aggregator and (2) tell the aggregator which News Feed you want to add, which is usually done by copying the Feed's Internet address into the news aggregator.

Where can I download a news aggregator so I can subscribe to the DelDOT News Feeds?
There are many news aggregators available for most types of personal computers. Many are free. To learn more about RSS and also see a lists of RSS news aggregators you can download, please visit these sites:

How do I know when an RSS News Feed is available?
RSS news feeds are often marked with small orange icons, such as Subscribe to RSS Feeds or Subscribe to RSS Feeds . These icons identify the XML file that must be loaded into the news aggregator to receive notification of new headlines. For example, to subscribe to a news feed, you could: (1) right-click the RSS or XML icon, (2) select "Copy Link to Clipboard", (3) switch to your aggregator, and (4) paste the link into the aggregator's "Add a new feed" or "Subscribe to" area.

What kind of RSS does DelDOT use? uses the most recent RSS 2.0  format to notify subscribers of news items that have been posted on DelDOT's web site.

Does DelDOT have an OPML file of all its feeds?
The OPML file will allow you to import one or all of the feeds listed above to your RSS Reader.

Terms of Use:

DelDOT offers RSS as a free service to any individual user or non-profit organization subject to the following terms and conditions:

Use will be for non-commercial purposes.

Use is limited where a functional link is made available allowing immediate display of the full article, audio, or video on the web site as specified in the xml.

By accessing our DelDOT RSS feeds you are indicating your acknowledgement and understanding that you will not use DelDOT's RSS in breach of the above conditions. DelDOT reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time and reserves the right to request the immediate halt of any specific use of its RSS feeds.

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