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Delaware Department of Transportation

About DelDOT

Our Mission

Excellence in Transportation

Every Trip  •  Every Mode  •  Every Dollar  •  Everyone

Our Vision

Every Trip -
We strive to make every trip taken in Delaware safe, reliable and convenient for people and commerce.

Every Mode -
We provide safe choices for travelers in Delaware to access roads, rails, buses, airways, waterways, bike trails, and walking paths.

Every Dollar -
We seek the best value for every dollar spent for the benefit of all.

Everyone -
We engage our customers and employees with respect and courtesy as we deliver our services.


  • Minimize the number of fatalities and injuries on our system
  • Build and maintain a nationally recognized system benefiting travelers and commerce
  • Provide every traveler with access and choices to our transportation system
  • Provide every customer with the best service possible
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the state's transportation system
  • Achieve financial sustainability through accuracy, transparency and accountability
  • Develop and maintain a place where talented and motivated employees love to work and can be national leaders in transportation

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