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Delaware Department of Transportation

Oversize / Overweight Permit System

...::: ATTENTION :::... Errors in the ROUTE data field continue to delay permit approvals

Please provide the complete route including all Interstate, US, State Routes and County roadways the load will have travel on separated by a SPACE DASH SPACE.

Do not precede road numbers with road identifiers such as ROUTE, RD, RT, DE, HWY, CR, SR, US, I, INT, do not provide directions N, S, E, W.

Do not provide incomplete or abbreviated road names in the Route data field as these identifiers override the software code that control embedded business rules.
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Current System Date/Time: 07/28/2016 1:01 PM EDT

Hauling Permit Office Business Hours are:
Mon - Fri 8AM to 4:30PM EST (excluding Holidays)