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Delaware Department of Transportation

Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

As required by Title II of ADA, 28 CFR. Part 35 Sec. 35.105 and Sec. 35.150, DelDOT has conducted a self-evaluation of its services, programs, activities, and buildings, and has completed an assessment of its pedestrian facilities. DelDOT has developed the Transition Plan listed below to layout the actions that will be taken to render the State State’s transportation facilities in the public right of way accessible to all individuals.

Information materials can be made available in an alternative format by emailing the DelDOT ADA Title II / Section 504 Coordinator at or by calling: (302) 760-2048.

DelDOT Transition Plan

The purpose of this Transition Plan document is to present the Department’s Self Evaluation and identify the actions DelDOT will take in order to transition the transportation system in the State of Delaware to be accessible in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Learn More

Transition Plan Obligations

DelDOT’s Transition Plan outlines lists and reports that will provide updates to Transition Plan progress. Below are the documents that are associated with the Transition Plan obligations.

  • Annual Paving List

    DelDOT’s 2018 Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan includes a provision that DelDOT will post a list of proposed pavement and rehabilitation project on an annual basis along with a forecasted goal for constructing and/or updating noncompliant curb ramps within the scope of the listed projects. Below is the listing of annual pavement and rehabilitation project including the forecasted goal for constructing/updating noncompliant curb ramps.

  • Progress Reports

    In 2011/2012 DelDOT began a self-assessment of the sidewalk/pedestrian network under DelDOT’s jurisdiction and finalized the Self-Assessment and Transition Plan in 2018. As outlined in DelDOT’s transition Plan, progress toward compliance is scheduled over a number of years. Annual reviews are conducted in order to provide information for documenting the progress achieved toward having a fully accessible system.

ADA Transition Plan Inventory

The ADA Inventory and Assessment Application contains data that portrays the pedestrian facility inventory and ADA assessment of these facilities located in the right of way under DelDOT’s jurisdiction and authority. The data collection process for the ADA Inventory and Assessment Application occurred during 2011 and 2012 as part of DelDOT’s ADA Self-Evaluation obligations. DelDOT is reporting the ADA inventory and compliance status as required by DelDOT’s 2018 Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan. DelDOT is working diligently to provide updated information on pedestrian facilities within the ADA Inventory and Assessment Application in accordance with DelDOT’s 2018 Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan obligations.

 ADA Information