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Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Transportation Operations Management Plan

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New Castle County is the most populous county in Delaware with about 570,000 residents. The City of Wilmington, University of Delaware, and many other centers of activity are in the northern part of the county, close to the I-95 corridor. The area south of the C and D Canal sustains most of the county’s agricultural activity but also continues to develop and grow with new residential neighborhoods. Commuting, freight distribution, and other daily activities amount to hundreds of thousands of people traveling throughout New Castle County each day.

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DelDOT initiated an effort in 2011 to establish baseline transportation data for New Castle County. This 2001 effort was updated in 2010 with collaboration from stakeholders, including WILMAPCO—the county’s federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization—aiming to analyze the county's transportation performance and determine changes in traffic trends over the decade. That work was used in preparing the 2010 New Castle County TOMP, which provides a data-driven set of strategies to guide DelDOT and its partners in maintaining and enhancing mobility throughout New Castle County.

It's now time for the New Castle County TOMP to be updated again. The 2022 report will use data from DelDOT's expanded integrated transportation management system (ITMS).

Check back again soon for the 2022 New Castle County TOMP.

(Moving forward, the subsequent update to the New Castle County TOMP is planned for 2025.)

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