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Delaware Department of Transportation

Archived Plans

Below are the lists of projects that are currently in the DelDOT Plan Archives. Within each County PDF is a list of projects that are grouped by maintenance road number. Once you've determined which contracts are needed, please email your request to Once DelDOT receives your request, we will place the files on our Secure FTP and provide instructions on how to access those files.

Please refer to the Road Lookup Table links below to aid you in finding the maintenance road number. Note that the route number is often not the same as the road number; e.g., SR1 is maintenance road number 150, not 001. Also, the same road might have sections with different road numbers; e.g. Route 141 is composed of road numbers 6, 267 and 271. If you are uncertain whether a particular contract is in the area you need, you can initially request to be sent just the first sheet which usually includes the location map showing the limits of the contract.

Please note that for more recent projects, the right-of-way plans are separate from the construction plans, as indicated by files that begin with "rw". If you are only interested in the right-of-way plans, then please indicate that, which will make delivery to you quicker.

Due to Homeland Security concerns, DelDOT may request the full name, address and phone number of the person making the request, along with the company that they work for, the project/work for which the information is needed, and the name of the client if plans are requested for areas deemed sensitive (schools, prisons, public buildings, bridges, etc…). If the request is in the vicinity of an area deemed sensitive, and is related to a DelDOT project, the DelDOT project manager/contact may also be requested. These requests may be denied if the information supplied is incomplete or questionable."

Listing of DelDOT's Archived Plans

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