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Delaware Department of Transportation

Coastal Corridors Study

Study BackgroundCorridors Committee Meetings

DelDOT’s Coastal Corridors Study is focused on identifying transportation solutions for east-west routes in Sussex County including Route 16 and Routes 404/9 between US 113 and SR 1 as well as Redden Road and other local roads in the area. These roadways represent the primary east-west corridors in the northern part of Sussex County that are currently congested or are at risk for congestion based on anticipated growth.

Study Area Map

map of area coastal Corriodors study

Study Goals:

map of area coastal Corriodors study
  1. To identify short-, medium-, and long-term traffic solutions for east-west corridors between 113 and SR 1.
map of area coastal Corriodors study
  1. To educate and inform the local stakeholders on east-west traffic issues and seek feedback and preferences on proposed solutions.
map of area coastal Corriodors study
  1. To build support around the implementation of those solutions.

Current Study Phase – Targeted Engagement:

DelDOT has formed (fix) the Corridors Committee, comprised of local stakeholders including municipal representatives, business owners, community-based organizations, and residents that will work with the Study Team to review data and provide feedback on potential transportation solutions in the study area. More information on the Corridors Committee and the upcoming meetings can be found here:

The Corridors Committee will meet four times between December and March. While geared specifically to Corridors Committee members, a virtual meeting link will be provided for those members of the public who are interested in attending. The Corridors Committee meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

  • December 5, Committee Meeting #1, Diving into the Data
  • January 9, Committee Meeting #2, Focus on SR 16 Area
  • February 13, Committee Meeting #3, Focus on SR 9/404 Area
  • March 13, Committee Meeting #4, Review Improvement Strategies

Spring 2023 Public Workshop



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