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Delaware Department of Transportation

SR 30 Declassification: Delmar/Laurel to Millsboro

Project Limits:

SR 30 between Bi-State Boulevard and Gravel Hill Road, Sussex County

Project Need:

In an effort to increase safety and enhance mobility along rural roadways in Delaware, DelDOT’s Traffic Engineering Section is proposing the partial removal of the SR 30 designation in south-central Sussex County due to the complex, tangled nature of its routing amongst SRs 24, 26, and 54.

Project Overview:

DelDOT is proposing to declassify approximately 22 miles of SR 30 in south-central Sussex County, from Bi-State Boulevard (ALT US 13 between Laurel and Delmar) to Gravel Hill Road on the northern side of Millsboro. SR 30’s new southern terminus would be at SR 24 (John J Williams Highway) in Millsboro, therefore the entirety of the route would connect the City of Milford and Town of Millsboro.

Approximately half of the proposed declassified section of SR 30 is concurrent with other signed state routes, such as SRs 24, 26, and 54. These other routes connect towns such as Laurel, Delmar, Millsboro, Dagsboro, and Selbyville to one another, whereas SR 30’s western end terminates at a minor intersection at Bi-State Boulevard between Delmar and Laurel. The tangled concurrencies amongst SRs 24, 26, 30, and 54 in southern Sussex County are a source of motorist confusion and sign clutter, and the declassification of SR 30 in this area will eliminate many of these issues.

SR 30 west of Millsboro Highway has an average daily traffic volume of 1,032 vehicles per day, while SR 24 and SR 54 carry 3,057 and 4,884 vehicles per day, respectively. SR 30 has no shoulders between Bi-State Boulevard and Millsboro Highway, whereas SR 24, SR 26, and SR 54 have full-width shoulders.

Declassifying SR 30 between Bi-State Boulevard and Gravel Hill Road may encourage long-distance travelers and trucks to use SRs 24, 26, and 54 instead, reducing volumes on SR 30.

Workshop Material

Existing SR 30

Proposed SR 30

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:Fall 2021

Construction Phase (Sign Removals): Beginning Summer 2022

Project Contacts

Project Engineer Name and Work Phone

Scott Neidert, PE, PTOE, RSP

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