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Delaware Department of Transportation


2022 Draft Freight Plan

2022 Draft Freight Plan
Freight Plan Timeline - July 2021: Freight Plan Kickoff, Summer 2021:Develop Freight Trends, Needs and Issues, Winter/Spring 2022: Develop Preliminary Action Plan, Summer 2022: Draft Freight Plan Development and Review, Fall 2022: FHWA Approval

The draft version of the Delaware Freight Plan is now available:

Delaware Freight Plan Executive Summary (Draft)

Public Meetings

2022 Delaware Freight Plan Open House

2022 Freight Plan Public Notice

The public is invited to join the Delaware Department of Transportation to review and provide comments on the the Draft 2022 Delaware Freight Plan. This event will be conducted at three locations, one in each county. Full details and information can be found on the flier above.


2022 Delmarva Freight Summit

The 2022 Delmarva Freight Summit was held virtually on Friday, June 10th, 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.


The Summit featured:

  • Discussion of the draft 2022 Delaware Freight Plan Update;
  • A presentation on freight and port infrastructure funding opportunities by Amanda Rutherford, Gateway Director Mid-Atlantic with the Maritime Administration of USDOT (MARAD); and
  • A keynote conversation on the trucking industry's short- and long-term operational challenges with Rachel Premack, FreightWaves editorial director, and Dr. Steve Viscelli, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream.

Summit Documents:

Summit Recording: Listen Here

Use the following links to jump to individual segments of the recording:


The freight plan update will:

  • Meet all current federal freight planning guidelines
  • Provide a complete overview of current freight trends in Delaware
  • Utilize the latest supply chain/technology to further express the impact of freight in Delaware
  • Identify policy needs and strategies to ensure the efficient movement of freight in Delaware
  • Identify key freight projects and related investment plans (TIP/CTP) for a five-year forecast period
  • Further develop and amplify collaborative efforts among freight stakeholders, as well as regional, state, and local partners

Freight Plan Key Elements

  • Statewide Freight Goals, Objectives, Visions
  • Existing Economic Context/Commodity Flows
  • Existing Freight Transportation System
  • Freight Trends, Needs Issues
  • Freight Policy Guidance and Beyond

Freight Inventory and Trend Assessments

Ongoing Freight Studies

Current Freight Conditions in Delaware

We Want to Hear From You

Delaware Freight

Our transportation system is not only used to move people from one place to another but also to ship the commodities that we need in our everyday lives. Trucks, ships, and rail lines are used to move goods to and from stores, factories, and other locations. This has a significant impact on our transportation system. The New Castle County region alone generates nearly 37 million tons of freight annually, making freight a largest contributor to the regions' economic success. What is equally important is that over 72 million tons pass through the region each year, adding significant traffic to our expressways and other major arterials.

Nationwide, freight has been growing at 2.5 percent to 3 percent per year and is forecasted to continue this growth through at least 2035. This leads to a near doubling of freight volumes every 20 years. This is faster than the growth rates for passenger vehicles, leading to a higher percentage of heavy trucks on the roadways. As the share of heavy trucks increases, concerns regarding congestion, safety, and air pollution prompt the need for system improvements.

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