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Delaware Department of Transportation

Approved Product Lists

If you would like to have your product/material utilized on a DelDOT project, you must submit your material to a contractor completing work for DelDOT. The general contractor would then submit the product/material to the Materials & Research Section who verifies that the product/material conforms to the appropriate specification requirements for the contract.

To see if your product meets any existing specifications, please check the specifications online at DelDOT's website

 Standard Specifications

Please refer to the Department's Source of Supply database to see the material sources associated with a contract pay item as well as its typical associated Buy America requirements.

Source of Supply Database

Please refer to this website which summarizes the national Buy America Requirements for the infrastructure contracts using federal funding and the Department's associated guidance.

If your product is being utilized as a source for an awarded contract and meets the Specifications, please complete the below Source of Supply template and send to

If your product does not meet any of the existing specifications and is a new product/material, please email Steven Peretiatko  or call 302-760-2375.

Guardrail Products, Guardrail End Treatments, Impact Attenuators, and Temporary Traffic Control Devices

In response to the Federal Highway Administration’s requirements to implement the use of roadside and temporary traffic control device hardware crash tested under the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) criteria, DelDOT initiated a MASH Committee, comprised of representatives from the Department with expertise in roadside design, roadside hardware, and temporary traffic control. The MASH Committee maintains the following Approved Products Lists:

  • Guardrail End Treatments
  • Permanent Impact Attenuators
  • Guardrail Hardware
  • Temporary Traffic Control Devices"
    • Temporary Impact Attenuators and Sand Crash Cushion Arrays
    • Truck/Trailer Mounted Attenuators
    • TTC Permanent Sign Stands
    • Temporary Sign Stands
    • Type III Barricades
    • Temporary P.C.C. Safety Barrier (Pinned and Unpinned)

New APL categories will be added in the future depending upon device availability. Only devices that are on the Approved Products Lists are permitted for use on roadways in the State of Delaware. Vendors may submit an application (see below) for consideration by the MASH Committee to have devices added to the Approved Products Lists. Please use the links below:

MASH Approved Products List Procedures

MASH Approved Products List Application

Several roadside hardware devices have been exempted from MASH 2016 requirements. Please see the MASH Device Waiver link below. As more MASH roadside hardware becomes available, this list of exempt devices may change. DelDOT has also developed Sunset Dates for devices tested under previous NCHRP Report 350 criteria. Please see the link below.

Please submit any questions regarding MASH or the MASH Approved Products Lists to the MASH Committee.

 ADA Information