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Delaware Department of Transportation

Approved Product Lists

If you would like to have your product/material utilized on a DelDOT project, you must submit your material to a contractor completing work for DelDOT. The general contractor would then submit the product/material to the Materials & Research Section who verifies that the product/material conforms to the appropriate specification requirements for the contract.

To see if your product meets any existing specifications, please check the specifications online at DelDOT's website

 Standard Specifications

If your product is being utilized as a source for an awarded contract and meets the Specifications, please complete the below Source of Supply template and send to

If your product does not meet any of the existing specifications and is a new product/material, please email John W. Thomas  or call 302-760-2381.

Please see the attachments below identifying devices which DelDOT has exempted from MASH 2016 Requirements and detailing the Sunset Dates for NCHRP-350 Compliant Devices.

 ADA Information