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Delaware Department of Transportation

Development Coordination

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Development Coordination Iteration Report

The information in the above report represents projects that have been through the plan review process and approved within the Development Coordination Section and is updated monthly.

The report has been created to easily view and navigate the data by using any of the searchable filters shown on the right hand side of the screen : Time Period (yearly and/or monthly), Review Type, County and (submitting) Engineer.

The Bar Chart represents the projects timeline; showing the amount of time the Department (blue bar) spent reviewing the project vs the amount of time the Engineer (green bar) had the project in between reviews and approval. Hovering over either of the blue or green bars will display Submission Deadline, Date Completed, Days in Review (Department) and Days since Last Review (Engineer).

The Average Iterations shown on the top right shows the average number of reviews prior to approval. As you update the filters, the number will adjust.

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