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Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Aeronautics

DelDOT Office of Aeronautics

The Office of Aeronautics is located in the Division of Planning and is responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of improvements to the public use airport system within the state. State law gives the office of Aeronautics jurisdiction over public-use airports only. Public-use airports may be privately or publicly owned but are open to use by anyone.

Flying Plane

Delaware also has many private-use airports which fall outside of the State's jurisdiction.

The 2019 Delaware State Aviation System Plan Update (SASPU) defines the overall goal of the DelDOT Office of Aeronautics as: "To enhance Delaware's economic development by fostering and promoting a safe and efficient aviation system for the movement of goods, services, and people and to encourage and promote aviation and aviation safety."



In working toward this goal, DelDOT's Office of Aeronautics has set out the following objectives:

Goal 1: Safety and Security:

Ensure the safe and secure movement of people and goods while limiting the potential for incidents that may cause harm or disrupt aviation operations.

Goal 2: Economic Vitality:

Promote and strengthen the economic vitality of Delaware with an excellent aviation transportation network that meets the needs of a diverse and growing economy.

Goal 3: Quality of Life:

Maintain and enhance vibrant and appealing communities and support planned growth and development through an aviation transportation network that serves the mobility needs of

Goal 4: System Preservation:

Provide access to safe, attractive, and reliable transportation options and enhance the integration of a well-connected multi-modal transportation system.

Goal 5: System Management and Operations:

Enhance system management and operations through innovative strategies and technology that increase the efficiency of the aviation transportation system.

Goal 6: Travel and Tourism:

Facilitate efficient mobility options for tourist destinations that support Delaware residents,businesses, and visitors.

Goal 7: Customer Service & Communication:

Provide the highest level of customer service possible in order to proactively provide information and to learn from and address Delaware customers’ needs.

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