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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Transportation data is used by a variety of people for a variety of reasons in Delaware. Depending on the job responsibility, each type of data is collected in specific formats, at certain locations, at selected times and durations. The integrated transportation management system (ITMS) integrates planning and operations functions to maximize data sharing. The interactive maps on DelDOT’s public website are a great place to see various types of ITMS data and data collection locations. The Data Status Update publication highlights current news related to Delaware’s transportation data, with a focus on new technologies, data collection and accessibility, data applications, and public education.

Device Type What It Provides
Bluetooth Readers Travel times, origin / destinations
Wavetronix Radar Detectors Traffic volume, speed, and length-based classification
Traffic Signal System Detectors Traffic volume and delay
Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATRs) Traffic volume, sometimes speed and axle-based classification
Roadway Weather Information System (RWIS) Air and road surface temperature, precipitation type, humidity, wind speed, and visibility
Hydrology Water level
Cameras Live video

These monitoring systems are also explained further on the technology page.


Operations Data

graphic of TMC people DelDOT’s 24/7 real-time data is critical to daily transportation operations, which are managed through the Transportation Management Center (TMC). The monitoring systems across the state detect conditions and transmit data to the TMC continuously. The data comes from a variety of technologies and historical data can be pulled for any time period. DelDOT plans to install more devices throughout the state, which will help expand reporting coverage in the future.


TMC Extranet

The TMC Extranet is a web platform owned and operated by DelDOT’s Transportation Management Center (TMC). It houses hundreds of traffic counts, including intersection turning movement counts and short-term (typically 1-2 weeks) tube counts dating back more than a decade.

DelDOT is sharing these traffic counts in order to avoid duplicate data collection efforts and strengthen data verification. The extranet stores, in one central location, traffic counts collected by different agencies, firms, and traffic groups.

Anyone can apply to access the traffic count data. Simply click on the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner of the TMC Extranet welcome page and fill in the requested data. Access is granted by the TMC.

image of TMC brick and motor

Once granted access, you will receive an email with further instructions. You can log into the extranet from anywhere with your email address and the password you create.

Traffic counts are uploaded from a variety of traffic impact studies, transportation improvement districts, congestion management programs, and many other sources statewide. Furthermore, users are encouraged to upload their own counts. Users should exercise caution in interpreting the data. DelDOT makes no claim as to the accuracy of any counts originating outside the TMC.


DelDOT Traffic Summary

The Traffic Summary is an annual DelDOT publication that contains updated traffic data on each roadway segment in the highway network, organized by county and maintenance road number. In a collaborative effort involving operations and planning, devices and data are being shared more than ever to improve both quality and efficiency.


Delaware FirstMap

FirstMap is a comprehensive self-service enterprise geographic information system that consists of an enterprise geodatabase for data storage, and infrastructure to support geospatial and image services, and is tied into the state’s Arc GIS Online portal for full self-service data discovery and mapping. DelDOT is a contributor and stakeholder in this sophisticated data system.


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