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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management Program

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JULY 2023

Transportation Management in Delaware

Transportation management helps make the most of the transportation system. DelDOT harnesses a staggering variety of technology within Delaware’s integrated transportation management system (ITMS) to keep traffic moving smoothly. Traffic signal timing, incident management, multi-agency coordination and advisories to the traveling public are just a few of these tools. Public reporting of incidents is also extremely valued. The DelDOT App already showcases real-time traffic cameras, snow plows and DART bus tracking, and there is a lot more to come. Autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and dynamic rerouting are on the horizon. Stay connected with the TMC for updates on these exciting developments.

Moreover, DelDOT maintains and operates an extensive network of data sharing capabilities to get the updates you need to know, when you need to know them. Up-to-the-minute traveler information is constantly streamed through the DelDOT interactive travel map, Facebook, Twitter, the DelDOT App, 1380 AM and 98.5 FM and roadside variable message signs.

Transportation Management Center is Open 24/7/365

The DelDOT Transportation Management Center (TMC) is open 24/7/365 to coordinate and manage DelDOT’s response to any incident or event that impacts the transportation system. Using technology and an integrated transportation management system (ITMS), the TMC performs three critical functions:

  • Monitoring the transportation system
  • Controlling the transportation system
  • Informing the public through a variety of media

Integrating Technology, Infrastructure and People

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Transportation management is so much more than the TMC itself. DelDOT is unique in that transportation management is ingrained in every aspect of the way it does business. From the infrastructure and technology to the people managing the system to the data and information collected, the integrated transportation management program touches it all. ITMS has been built into planning, capital project development and design throughout DelDOT so that every program and project, when appropriate, incorporates technology to enhance transportation in Delaware.

Learn more about DelDOT’s integrated transportation management program in the Integrated Transportation Management Strategic Plan.

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