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Delaware Department of Transportation

Integrated Transportation Management Program

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Latest Updates

Below you can find the most recent developments in DelDOT’s integrated transportation management program. For older articles, please visit the Archives page.

October 2021

Use DelDOT Travel Information Like an Expert
Driver with App

You're driving north on I-95. Shortly before you get to the I-95/I-295 diverge, traffic slows to a crawl. You think, “Why are we not moving? What is going on up there? Is there an accident?” 

DelDOT has tools to answer those questions for you in real time. While you're traveling, the DelDOT App gives you the information you need. If you're planning a trip at your computer, you can use DelDOT's interactive travel map.

An Expert’s Experience

The experience of a DelDOT employee shows just how useful the information on the DelDOT App can be.

In May 2021, Chris Marsh, a manager at DelDOT, needed to travel from the outskirts of New Castle into downtown Wilmington for his son’s graduation at St. Georges High School. This trip typically takes about 20 minutes. Knowing that traffic build-up on major routes in Delaware is fairly common during graduation season, Chris opened his DelDOT App early to assess traffic.

He found out that there was an accident on I-95 northbound, the route he would ordinarily take. The DelDOT App let him see where the road was closed, what the variable message signs were saying, and what the traffic actually looked like on closed circuit TV cameras.

Most importantly, the DelDOT App showed traffic conditions on secondary routes. Chris used this information to pick his alternate to I-95. The alternate route had heavy traffic, but it was definitely better than I-95. "We left over an hour early for what is usually a 20-minute drive," said Chris. "We ended up arriving five minutes early."

As a DelDOT manager, Chris is an expert in use of DelDOT information. The DelDOT App and interactive map make you an expert too! They give you all the information you need to decide when and how to travel.

Know Before You Go

Driver with App
Driver with App

DelDOT’s Transportation Management Center (TMC) uses advanced technologies to monitor and control transportation facilities all over Delaware.

The Travel Map section of the DelDOT App is a small version of the TMC’s operations room in the palm of your hand! You can customize the map to see only layers of your interest.

Turn on the Travel Times and Traffic Flow layers to see how smoothly traffic is flowing through major roads and intersections. With this information, you can, as Chris did, assess congestion and delays before you leave and plan an alternate route.

The Traffic Cameras layer shows the live feed of all traffic cameras all over the state so you can see where traffic is backed up or check which lanes are closed for construction. Chris used the traffic cameras to see whether the congestion on I-95 was due to traffic volume or an accident. Having found the accident on I-95, he could choose his alternate route.

If you like to check certain cameras frequently, you can add them to your Favorites list.

The Advisories layer identifies locations that are affected by congestion, construction, incidents, and events. You can click on any of the icons to view detailed information.

The Partner Waze layer charts drivers' reports of hazards on roadways, such as objects on the road, potholes, or roadkill.

The Restrictions layer shows you the locations of scheduled construction that causes road closures and detours. You can even see how long the project is going to last. Construction and maintenance are necessary to keep our roads efficient and safe. Projects inevitably cause delays, but the DelDOT App tells you what you need to know to avoid the worst of the construction impact.

Stay Up to Date!

The DelDOT App can give you "push" notifications of incidents, construction, congestion, road closures, and special travel alerts within a certain radius of your location. Go to the Preferences section to turn on notifications and specify the radius and the notification categories you want.

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