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Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Highway Memorial Garden

Program Information

The Delaware Highway Memorial Garden is Delaware's place of remembrance dedicated solely to those who have lost their lives on Delaware roadways. The garden is the first of its type nationwide to include the names of victims of all types of traffic fatalities. It was created in response to the many requests the Department receives regarding the legality of the placement of roadside memorials. Roadside memorials are illegal under Delaware's Clear Zone Act, and at times pose a safety hazard to motorists. This Memorial Garden serves as safe, legal way to remember a loved one.

Photo of the Delaware Highway Memorial Garden at the Smyrna Rest Stop in Smyrna, Delaware

Located on the grounds of the Smyrna Rest Area, the 11,000 square foot garden is a creative blend of native trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. The garden's pathway is outlined with bricks engraved with the names of individuals who give the garden its character and significance. The Delaware Highway Memorial Garden is embodied by the slogan, "Our Garden Of Love, Peace, Healing, and Remembrance" chosen by the grief support group known as The Compassionate Friends - Brandywine Hundred Chapter.

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