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Delaware Department of Transportation

Sand Barrels in Developments Program

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George Hollis
Program Contact

DelDOT's Sand Barrel Program is available only for the North and Canal Districts.

North District Area: North of I-95 and I-495, East of Route 7, North of Route 2, Includes City of Wilmington.

Canal District Area: South of I-95 and I-495, West of Route 7, South of Route 2, Includes City of Newark, extends to Kent County Line.

DelDOT does not deliver barrels within incorporated areas. The above listed areas are definitions of the limits of the Districts and are not specific to the Sand Barrel Program.

Policy for Placing Sand Barrels in Developments

A civic association or other recognized representative of a development may request the delivery of sand to be used for traction during snow and ice conditions. The civic association may choose to furnish barrels or may use barrels supplied by the District. If the civic association provides barrels, they should be clearly marked with the development name and must have drain holes in the bottom of the barrels.

Because of a limited number of barrels available, we may be unable to meet all of the requests we receive. Therefore, each requested location will be evaluated and will be approved only if it meets the minimum criteria. Barrels at the approved locations will be refilled upon request, when our workload permits. The Department will not provide shovels or other device to spread the sand. We will remove the barrels we provide and any remaining sand after April 1st. The civic association will be responsible for cleanup and disposal of barrels it provides.

The attached application for sand barrels must be submitted no later than December 15 of this year and must include a development map showing the locations for barrels to be placed. Requests for barrels adjacent to private property must be accompanied by a signed form indicating the property owner's approval. Sign-up forms are available on request at the Public Relations Office or by calling 326-4462 to have them mailed to you.

Note: A new request form is required for each year.

Please send applications to:

George W. Hollis
Division of Highway Operations
250 Bear-Christiana Road
Bear, DE 19701

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Sand Barrel Application Form

Print the form, fill it out and return it (along with a map showing the location for the sand barrel) to:

George W. Hollis
Division of Highway Operations
250 Bear-Christiana Road
Bear, DE 19701

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