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Delaware Department of Transportation

Milltown Road (N280) and McKennans Church Road (N276) – Traffic Calming Corridor Improvements

Project Limits:

Milltown Road (N280) between Pecksniff Road and Duncan Road, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware. McKennans Church Road (N276) between Milltown Road (N280) and Bardell Drive, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware

Project Need:

DelDOT Traffic Studies Group received concerns related to speeding on Milltown Road (N280) and McKennans Church Road (N276). Traffic studies revealed that vehicles are traveling above the posted speed limit along each corridor. To increase compliance of the speed limit and enhance pedestrian safety, horizontal traffic calming measures were considered. Specifically, four median islands with pedestrian crossings are being considered for implementation along Milltown Road and three are being considered along McKennans Church Road. The installation of these median islands will provide a horizontal deflection in the roadway and would be expected to decrease the speeds along the corridor and increase pedestrian connectivity and safety.


The purpose of the projects is to improve safety and quality of life for the traveling public and residents of Milltown Road (N280) and McKennans Church Road (N276) by providing traffic calming measures along the corridors. The projects consist of installing four median islands along Milltown Road and three along McKennans Church Road that will include pedestrian crossings and rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) that will flash when pedestrians push the button to cross. In the area of the median islands, parking will be restricted, and the travel lanes will be narrowed. Follow-up monitoring efforts will be completed.

Project Timeline

Design Phase: Complete

Construction Phase: Beginning Summer/Fall 2023

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