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Delaware Department of Transportation

Virtual Workshop - Design-Build Statewide Pipe Replacement for BR 2-371B on Barratts Chapel Road

Design-Build Statewide Pipe Replacement for BR 2-371B on Barratts Chapel Road

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Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for the public to view the project information and to reduce the costs involved in traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding the replacement of Design-Build Statewide Pipe Replacement for BR 2-371B on Barratts Chapel Road

Bridge Photos Bridge 2-371B has been identified by DelDOT’s bridge management system as being in need of repair. The existing structure consists of a 72-inch diameter corrugated steel pipe with a length of approximately 50 feet. The replacement of Bridge 2-371B has been proposed as part of a statewide culvert replacement contract to replace corroding corrugated metal pipes. The bridge has a sufficiency rating of 85.8 and exhibits some some damage and deformation./p>

Construction Plan The scope of the proposed project is to replace the existing pipe with two 72-inch circular reinforced concrete pipes that are 72 feet in length with riprap installed at the culvert embankments at the pipe openings both upstream and downstream.

Bridge Plan, Section and Elevation: In keeping with the Department’s mission that includes providing “a safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive transportation network”, the proposed design will limit any impact to the surrounding areas. The proposed structure consists of two 72-inch round reinforced concrete piped that are 72 feet in length. The upstream and downstream embankments at the pipe openings will be protected with R-4 riprap that will be toed into the streambed at the end of the pipes. Two 10-foot, bituminous travel lanes at a 2% slope with 2-foot grass covered shoulders at a slope of 4% are proposed.

Maintenance of Traffic Because of the nature of the work and DelDOT’s commitment to safety of the public, a portion of the roadway will be closed for the duration of the project. Temporary closure of Barratts Chapel Road (K371) between Fox Chase Road (K381) and McGinnis Pond Road (K378) shall be necessary during the duration of this contract. [Detour Information]on this project's website.

Right-of-Way Plan Although we strive to perform as much of our work within our existing right-of-way as possible, sometimes the nature of the work requires a larger area than what is provided, as is the case for this project. Existing right-of-way is 25 feet on either side of the roadway centerline with additional easements upstream and downstream of the existing bridge. Temporary easements shall be utilized at 3 corners of the project to allow access for all proposed work to the bridge. All areas disturbed within these limits shall be restored to their natural condition upon completion of the work.

Section 4(f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act provides for the consideration of park and recreation lands during transportation project development. This work will occur adjacent to and within the boundary of the Board of Game and Fish Commissioners of the State of Delaware (a Section 4(f) property), but will not adversely affect any of the activities, features, or attributes of the property. Therefore, DelDOT is notifying the public that it will request that FHWA make a de minimis (or minor) impact finding in accordance with Section 4(f). With this, the public is afforded the opportunity to provide comments on this finding.

A real estate representative will contact any impacted property owners to review the Department’s Real Estate process.

If you would like to make comments, you may submit comments by clicking on the link, "Virtual Workshop Survey/Comments". Or you may call toll free to 800-652-5600, or call locally in the Dover area, 760-2080. Comments may also be mailed to:

DelDOT Community Relations
P.O. Box 778
Dover, Delaware 19903

Comments are due within 30 days of the posting of this virtual workshop on the internet. Thank you for participating in the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop.

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