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Delaware Department of Transportation

Roadside Control & Outdoor Advertising

Delaware Department of Transportation Enforces Sign Laws

Illegal signs posted along the roadway

DelDOT is enforcing laws designed to keep the State's Rights-Of-Way clear from illegal and dangerous signs. Signs placed illegally are not only unattractive, but can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.

Small Roadside Sign
Signs may NOT be placed within the State's Right of Way and will be removed anywhere along the State maintained roadways.
  • Only during an election season will signs be allowed in the Right-of-Way, at least 10 Ft from the road (Clear Zone in the image below). The election season is 30 days before and after any election that is approved by the board of elections for the State of Delaware.
  • Although not always exact, a good rule of thumb is that the Right-of-Way is typically one foot behind any utility poles. (Utility poles are the large wooden poles that carry electric, phone, and cable wires that typically run parallel to the roadway.)
  • For more inofrmation on sign placement, see 17 Del. Code, Sections 524-527 and 1111 (C).
Small Roadside Sign
Signs are also NEVER allowed:
  • On utility poles, light poles, traffic signal poles, or road signs
  • On bridges or any overpass
  • In medians, islands, or gore areas
Small Roadside Sign
Each sign that is in violation results in a fine of $25 and a $15 recovery fee.
  • Confiscated signs will be disposed of after 30 days. The fines still apply.
  • You can pay for your violation or invoice, apply and pay for a permit, and register to see your transaction history and outstanding items at!
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