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Delaware Department of Transportation

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program


Responsibilities of Prospective In-State DBE Firms

Read about the Program
One of the most important steps you can take before becoming a DBE is to understand the program and its requirements. We strongly urge all potential applicants to review the DBE Regulations by which we are governed. Additional materials are available on USDOT’s website. Familiarizing yourself with the requirements of the program will enable you to accurately determine if you will meet the criteria for certification before investing your time which we know is valuable.

Submit Complete Packet
Applying online is the most expeditious manner to submit your application. Also, it ensures that all your documentation remains accessible to you in one place. Should you decide to pursue interstate certification, you will most likely be required to submit these same documents. We know the DBE application process is thorough. We cannot accept partial or incomplete submissions. We strongly suggest applicants review the application instructions and check list. In the event, you are unable to provide a document on the checklist, you must submit a letter of explanation (signed and dated, preferably on company letterhead) instead. For example, if your business was opened three months ago and you do not have business taxes, submit a letter of explanation instead. The DBE Specialist assigned to review your firm may request other documentation as the process moves forward.

Onsite Visit
Once the complete application with the required supporting documentation has been received, assigned, and reviewed, we will reach out to schedule an onsite visit. Generally, onsite visits begin at 10 am and we ask that you allow up to four (4) hours. The DBE Specialist will ask you questions regarding the management, ownership, and control of the applicant firm. We will also request supporting documentation during the interview. Please have your business records on hand at the time of the visit. If your firm is actively working on a jobsite is otherwise conducting business, we may request to tour the facility and/or jobsite.

After the onsite visit, we will follow-up with any questions or clarifications we may need to continue reviewing your firm. The DBE Specialist will make a recommendation to the DBE Program Manager and a final decision will be issued to the applicant.

Responsibilities of Prospective Out-of-State DBE Firms

Certified in Home State
DelDOT will not accept applications for certification from firms that are based out of state and not certified in their home state. The fact your company is incorporated in Delaware does not automatically mean Delaware is your home state in the context of the DBE regulations. Please refer to 49 CFR 26.5 for relevant definitions. Please contact a DBE Specialist if you have questions regarding a home state determination.

Submit DelDOT Interstate Affidavit
Complete the DelDOT Interstate Affidavit. Other affidavits will not be accepted in lieu of this requirement.

Submit Complete Packet
You must submit your entire application, supporting documentation as submitted to your home state for your initial certification, notices and correspondence related to your home state certification, and any denials and appeals letters. Applying online is the most expeditious manner to submit your application. Also, it ensures that all your documentation remains accessible to you in one place. We cannot accept partial or incomplete submissions. If you do not have the documents required by 49 CFR 26.85(c), you must contact your home state to request a copy.

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