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Delaware Department of Transportation

Adopt-A-Bike Path Program

Program Information

Initiated in 2004, the Delaware Department of Transportation’s (DelDOT’s) Adopt-A-Bike Path (AABP) Program is a partnership between the Department and volunteers, working together to make Delaware’s bike paths cleaner and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. More than just a cleanup campaign, this program works to educate citizens of all ages about the responsibilities of land stewardship and about alternative forms of transportation. Ultimately, the AABP Program is about people caring enough to make a difference.

This program allows volunteers to adopt bike paths or a portion of a path owned by the State of Delaware. Participants agree to care for a designated bike path three times per year. In exchange, a sign indicating the group’s commitment to the program will be installed as close to the middle of the adopted path as practical.

Participants get more from the program than just publicity; they also get the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts help keep Delaware liter free and help maintain the beauty of our bike paths so all can continue to enjoy them.

Printable Version of the Adopt-A-Bike Path (AABP) Application Packet 

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