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Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Roundabouts

How to Use a Roundabout - On a Bike

For safety reasons, there are no separate bike lanes within the roundabout. Bicyclists have several options:

Ride Like a Car

  1. If you are comfortable riding in traffic, you may ride on the circulatory roadway of the roundabout like a car. Bicycle and vehicular speeds are typically fairly similar within a roundabout.
  2. As you approach the roundabout, merge into the entry lane before the shoulder or bike lane ends. It is generally safest for bicyclists to claim the lane.
  3. Obey all of the same driving instructions as for cars. Watch out for vehicles crossing your path to enter or exit the roundabout.
  4. Communicate your intentions to drivers by pointing to your destination.

Walk Like a Pedestrian

  1. If you are uncomfortable riding in traffic, dismount your bicycle at the crosswalk and move to the sidewalk. Once on the sidewalk, walk your bicycle like a pedestrian. Obey all of the same instructions as for pedestrians.

Use a Shared Bicycle-Pedestrian Path

  1. Some roundabouts may have a ramp that leads to a widened sidewalk or a shared bicycle-pedestrian path that runs around the perimeter of the roundabout. Be courteous to pedestrians and yield to them.

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