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Delaware Department of Transportation

Transportation Alternatives Program - TAP

Active Projects

Active projects are either in concept planning, design or construction and are listed below based on the TAP categories as identified under one of the qualifying TAP categories listed in the federal legislation.

Streetscape Projects

Streetscape projects typically consist of one or more of the following: new or reconstructed sidewalks, walkways, or curb ramps; lighting, landscaping, paved shoulders for non-motorized use, bike lane striping, bike parking, bike racks and other street furniture. For projects related to the scenic byway program: construction of turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas; landscaping, street furniture, lighting, public art, and gateways along highways, streets, historic highways, trails, and waterfronts.

  • St. Georges Streetscape Improvements, Phase II
  • Brandywine South Pedestrian Improvements
  • St. Georges Streetscape, Phase III
  • Concord Avenue Streetscape, Phase II
  • Old Brandywine Village Streetscape Improvements
  • Wilmington Pedestrian Improvements
  • Southbridge Streetscape Improvements, Phase II
  • Walnut Street Streetscape Improvements
  • Lake Avenue, Streetscape, Phase II
  • H. Fletcher Brown Park
  • 9th Street Enhancements, Phase II
  • N.W. and N.E. Front Street Streetscape Improvements – Milford
  • Market Street and Front Street Pedestrian Improvements – Seaford
  • Laurel Ramble Riverwalk
  • Woodside Streetscapes
  • North and South Union Streets, Wilmington
  • Milford Streetscape, Phase II
  • Federica Streetscape Enhancement
  • Route 9, Morehouse Drive
  • AREC Path
  • Safe Routes to School Eisenberg
  • Safe Routes to School Claymont, Phase II
  • Safe Routes to School Downes Elementary
  • Safe Routes to School McCullough
  • Safe Routes to School Wilmington Montessori
  • Safe Routes to School Bayard Middle

Multi-use path projects

Multi-use path projects typically consist of one or more of the following: bike lane striping, bike parking, and bus racks; construction or major rehabilitation of off-road shared use paths (non-motorized transportation trails); trailside and trailhead facilities for shared use paths; bridges and underpasses for pedestrians and bicyclists and for trails.

  • City of Wilmington Bike Facility
  • White Clay Creek Bike and Pedestrian Bridge

Environmental Mitigation

Environmental mitigation projects typically consist of managing existing highway runoff; soil erosion controls, detention and sediment basins.

Federal Access Lands Program - FLAP

 ADA Information